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9781170943397 | Multiple Contributors
Traduction Nouvelle, Avec Des Notes Tiree Des Peres & Des Meilleurs Interpretes, Pour L'Eclaircissement Des Endriots Difficiles, Par Un Ecclesiatique Du Diocese D'Avranches. Seconde Edition,
Frans | Onbekende bindwijze | 2010

9781170921890 | Multiple Contributors
By Several Members of the London Universal Society for Promotion of the New Church.
Engels | Onbekende bindwijze | 2010

9781170941058 | Multiple Contributors
... to Which Are Added, the Thirteen Articles of Their Faith, ... the Second Edition
Engels | Onbekende bindwijze | 2010

9781170706107 | Multiple Contributors
In a Letter to the Rev. Mr. John Wesley, ... Wherein His Free Thoughts on the State of Public Affairs, and His Calm Address to the Americans, Are Considered and Compared
Engels | Onbekende bindwijze | 2010