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9781170102756 | William Smith
Or, the American War Examined, by Whig Principles.
Engels | Paperback

9781171466383 | Richard Cooper
Or, a Dialogue Between a Gentleman and a Farmer. Wherein the Farmer Shews How This Nation May Raise the Queen Twenty Thousand Pounds Every Day in the Year, and Neither Have Malt Nor Salt Tax,
Engels | Paperback

9781170744024 | Multiple Contributors
By William Smith, Esq. Second Edition
Engels | Onbekende bindwijze

9781170107027 | Samuel Charlton
Set Forth in a Funeral Sermon, Occasionally Preach'd on Sunday, August 29, 1714. in the University of Oxford, on the Much Lamented Death of Her Majesty Queen Anne. by Samuel Charlton, ...
Engels | Paperback

9781171012641 | Thomas Salmon
Or, a Short View of the Several Nations of the World. Absolutely Necessary for Rendering the Public News, and Other Historical Occurrences, Intelligible and Entertaining, the Seventh Edition
Engels | Paperback | 2010