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9781240420957 | Anon
Particularly of the Present Popish Plot, Being an Account of the Several Methods the Papists Have Used to Stifle It ... (1682)
Engels | Paperback | 2010

9781171315827 | Meredith Hanmer
Their Vow and Othe: Their Hypocrisie and Superstition: Their Doctrine and Positions: With a Confutation of a Late Pamphlet Secretly Imprinted and Entituled. by Meredith Hanmer (1581)
Engels | Paperback | 2010

9781240172979 | John Fielde
To Which Is Added a Large Table of the Same Questions. Translated Out of Latine Into Englishe by Iohn Field. (1580)
Engels | Paperback | 2010