Edwin T 1827-1904 Freedley

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9781356424269 | 1356424260 | Edwin T 1827-1904 Freedley
A Hand-Book Exhibiting the Development, Variety, and Statistics of the Manufacturing Industry of Philadelphia in 1857
Engels | Hardback

9781345322569 | Edward Young
Comprising Annals of the Industry of the United States in Machinery, Manufactures and Useful Arts, with a Notice of the Important Inventions, Tariffs, and the Results of Each Decennial Census
Engels | Hardcover | 2015

9781346815213 | 1346815216 | Edwin T 1827-1904 Freedley
Or How to Get, Save, Spend, Give, Lend, and Bequeath Money: With an Inquiry Into the Chances of Success and Causes of Failure in Business
Engels | Hardback