Gale, Making of Modern Law

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9781275111233 | John Watkins
Being a Detail of Extraordinary Facts Discovered Since Her Execution, Including the Official Report of Her Singular Trial, Now First Published, And...
Engels | Paperback

9781240110261 | Edwin Austin
A Practical Guide to Their Administration by Local Authorities: Showing a Simple Way of Keeping the Necessary Books and Records, Model Scale of Fees and Regulations, and Statistics of the Chi
Engels | Paperback

9781240127108 | Albert Sidney Bolles
Engels | Paperback | 2010

9781240144174 | Thomas Frederick Simmons
With a Summary of the Law of Evidence, as Connected with Such Courts: Also Some Notice of the Criminal Law of England, with Reference to the Hundred and Second Article of War.
Engels | Paperback

9781240195398 | Arthur W Machen
With Biographical Sketch.
Engels | Paperback

9781287345114 | George H Murphy
Engels | Paperback | 2013

9781287354451 | William Neilson Hancock
Engels | Paperback