Motorcycle Dual Sporting (Vol. 1) Dual Sporting Pennsylvania and Beyond

Motorcycle Dual Sporting (Vol. 1) Dual Sporting Pennsylvania and Beyond

Fifteen Years And 43,000 Miles Dual Sporting From Vermont To Tennessee

Robert Miller
Rhm Co. Intl.

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Twenty-five published magazine articles from the Backroad Bob's Motorcycle Adventures - Dual Sporting Pennsylvania and Dual Sporting Beyond Pennsylvania CDs begin with five stories compiled after fifteen years and tens of thousands of miles riding through Pennsylvania's state forests. The remaining twenty articles are a compilation of stories from national dual sport events.

Dual Sporting Pennsylvania -
Bald Eagle's Best
Elk Country Ride
No Bull Ride
Renovo Run
Wellsboro Weekend

And Beyond -
Al Ames Memorial Trail Ride 1995
Blackwater DS 1994
Blackwater DS 1997
Blackwater DS 1998
Blackwater DS 1999
Ithace Dirt Riders DS 1999
Loretta Lynn DS 1998
Lost River Ride
Off Road Across America
Riding The Rapidan
Roll Your Own Roll Charts
Shenandoah 500Km DS 1994
Shenandoah 500Km DS 1995
Shenandoah 500Km DS 1996
Shenandoah 500Km DS 1997
Shenandoah 500Km DS 1998
Shenandoah 500Km DS 1999
Smoke Hole Ride
Spruce Knob Ride
Tri County DS 1999

Words - 23,889

Additional Titles by the Author:
This Backroad Bob's Dual Sporting Pennsylvania and Beyond ebook is two parts of a 21-part CD series that is Backroad Bob's Motorcycle Road Trips and includes the following titles. The CDs and the ebooks contain the same articles, but the ebooks are text-only and the dual sporting ebooks exclude the roll charts, GPS maps, and GPS coordinates. The full-color, photo-filled versions, the photo CDs, and the full-content dual sporting CDs are available only from the Backroad Bob's Motorcycle Adventure Website.

Backroad Bob's Motorcycle Road Trips:
Dual Sporting PA with Roll Charts
Dual Sporting PA with GPS Roll Charts
Dual Sporting Beyond PA with Roll Charts
Dual Sporting Beyond PA with GPS Roll Charts
Dual Sport Photos
Dual Sporters and Thumper Humpers
GP and MotoGP Photos
GPs & MotoGPs, England & Ireland
Hits or Misses
Isle of Man Photos
Isle of Man TT Races
Motorcycle Humor
Motorcycle People
Motorcycle Places
Motorcycle Things
Road Trips
Road Trip Photos
Road Houses
Turbo Chronicles

About the Author:
By 1990, I had ridden motorcycles through every state east of the Mississippi River, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and five Canadian provinces, but I wanted to do more. I wanted to explore the back roads across America, see the Isle of Man TT Races, examine everything that's foreign at a European Grand Prix, and experience the canopied forests, cascading streams, and towering mountains of Pennsylvania's state forests.
These articles are the fruits of a trial and error tree planted decades ago. The bad roads, the dead end trails, and the nasty places have been left out. What remains is a four-decade distillation of motorcycling in 38 American states, five Canadian provinces, five national forests, ten Pennsylvania state forests, and eight foreign countries. These articles contain valuable information that will save you time and money and enable you to efficiently plan your own adventures while avoiding the mistakes I've made. Let each article be a preview of your own adventures.

Qualifications - Thirty-seven years and over 250,000 miles as a licensed motorcycle operator. Thirty-five years and 185,000 accident-free road miles. Seventeen years and 43,000 miles dual sport riding. Ten years of East Coast Enduro Association competition. Forty years off-pavement riding. Completion of Motorcycle Safety Foundation Beginner and Advanced Rider Courses and Keith Code's Superbike School. A.A.S. - Mechanical Engineering with over 25 years professional mechanical experience.

Road Riding - Thirty-seven of 48 contiguous states with extensive knowledge of the Mid-Atlantic, New England, and Southeastern states. Five Canadian provinces, Isle of Man, Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Spain and Portugal.

Dual Sport Riding - Mid-Atlantic States, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Tennessee. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Monongahela, Wayne and Allegheny National Forests. Ten Pennsylvania State Forests.

Enduro Riding - ten years of East Coast Enduro Association.

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Motorcycle Dual Sporting (Vol. 1) Dual Sporting Pennsylvania and Beyond
Robert Miller

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